Raising funds to help safeguard communities from the UK's biggest killer!

Our Vision

Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills approximately 100,000 people a year in the UK.

AEDdonate is committed to improving survival from out of hospital, cardiac arrest, supporting the placement and use of an automated external defibrillators to local communities.

We achieve this by giving Schools, Pubs, Clubs and Communities the opportunity to fundraise for an AED which can then be placed onto the PAD scheme.

This will safeguard local communities from the UK’s biggest killer – Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). By enabling AEDs to be fundraised for, we can work together to minimise SCAs and save lives.

Help us to make a difference in your community

Our Journey So Far...

The Start

Jamie Richards left Staffordshire Fire and Rescue to form the charity.

May 2014

Charity Starts at Home

External AED installed at our local Co-operative supermarket, covering the High Street of Stone, Staffordshire against the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

July 2014

Tip of the Iceberg

Successfully installed 30 AEDs across the UK into schools, pubs and communities.

August 2014

Start of Something Big

After going public with our marketing and charity mission, we experienced a fantastic response from communities all over the UK, helping us to reach a huge milestone with 100 defibrillators installed through our fundraising programme.

October 2014

Happy Birthday AEDdonate!

AEDdonate has its first birthday party!

May 2015

Fully Registered Charity

After fundraising to become a national registered charity, AEDdonate is able to permanently lower the costs of fundraising for an AED for communities across the UK.

July 2015


After gaining significant momentum in helping communities throughout the UK to gain access to a defibrillator, AEDdonate expands its volunteer programme- taking on new volunteers and full-time staff who offer their time to help more communities across the UK to fundraise successfully.

November 2015

Developed Charity Beer

Designed and developed a charity beer called Stone Revival with Limestone brewery, who are based in Stone.

January 2016

Charity Ball

1st charity ball – to raise the profile of AEDdonate, hosted our 1st charity ball which raised over £5000 with over 250 attending.

April 2016

500 AEDS

Really busy year, placing over 500 AEDs to date.

November 2016

Community Room

Opened up community room

February 2017

2nd Charity Ball

Hosted 2nd charity ball, raising over £5000

April 2017

3rd Birthday

Celebrated 3rd birthday

May 2017

"Revive Live" Music Festival

Hosted 1st music “Revive Live”

September 2017

Charity Shop Opening

Opened first charity shop in Stone

September 2017

Charity shop on the move

AEDdonate Retail moved to a larger store on the High Street 10x bigger!

September 2018

AEDdonate Celebrates 4th Birthday

Celebrated 4th Birthday

May 2018

1000 Defibs Installed

AEDdonate has funded or supported the installation of 1000 AED’s into the community

October 2018

Project Heartbeat goes live

Project Heartbeat in partnership with Cardiac Science goes live.

Feb 2019

60 AED's funded by us donated to 60 schools.

AEDdonate donated 60 units to schools across the UK

April 2019

Meet The Team

Portrait of Jamie Richards - Chief Executive

Jamie Richards

Chief Executive

When we asked Jamie about his role he struggled to provide a relatable answer that didn’t involve being all serious and professional, we decided to write it ourselves.

Jamie is the one who created AEDdonate, it was born out of realisation when he worked for the fire service, through his work he realised the importance of defibrillators and just how easy they are to use. With a burning idea inside he decided to leave his job in the fire service to focus on what he could do to improve responses to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Four years down the line and AEDdonate have been able to facilitate the placement of over 1400 defibrillators throughout the country. Whilst the mission is big Jamie wants to put a stop to families suffering heartache and devastation due to something that can reduced or prevented.

You might think being a CEO means that Jamie is sat at his desk engrossed in the computer but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jamie loves being out in the community whether it be site visits, training, doing a stint in the charity shop or simply meeting supportive organisations and potential sponsors. Jamie is very much hands on and encourages all of us to do the same.

When Jamie isn’t at work he enjoys spending time with his wife Rachel and the 2 little boys in his life. Being a dad has made Jamie want to work harder and stay committed even when the going gets tough.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else” PT Barnum

Email: j.richards@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonatejamie

Portrait of Rachel Richards  - Head of Quality and Governance

Rachel Richards

Head of Quality and Governance

Rachel came to the team after 17 years in the ambulance service, working frontline as a Paramedic. Throughout her Ambulance Career Rachel gained hands on experience when dealing with out of hospital cardiac arrests and was also part of the Community Response Team working to ensure communities could be better prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

Rachel is the one who maintains contact with fundraisers who are raising money to place a device in their local area. Determined to break down the barriers and prove that no obstacle should stand in the way of a community equipping themselves with a defibrillator, she’s a woman on a mission. Equipped with her clinical knowledge and experience Rachel is also a qualified instructor and provides training courses in the community to help reassure and promote the safe use of a defib.

Rachel is mum to Fletcher and Seth and a supportive wife to Jamie and his wild ideas.

Email: r.richards@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonaterach

Portrait of Chamila Welengoda - Head of Finance and Operations

Chamila Welengoda

Head of Finance and Operations

The ‘technical’ one, anything that’s a bit more complicated that switch it off and on again gets sent to Chamila and 9 times out of 10 he sorts it! When he’s not troubleshooting for the rest of us he ensures the charity runs well on a day to day basis. When you see a picture of the defib on the wall, Chamila is the one who has ordered the cabinet and defibrillator, organised the sponsor board and arranged the installation with our electrician.

Chamila has a degree in accountancy and finance, thinking back to those days of study he openly admits he didn’t ever see his qualifications helping to make such a difference in the community.

Chamila is married to the lovely Sue and describes himself as car enthusiast, whilst he’d also like us to mention his collection of RC cars we’re keeping this topic of conversation to a minimum (he’s very passionate!).

Email: c.welengoda@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonate

Portrait of James Russell - Head of Community and Education

James Russell

Head of Community and Education

James is the most recent addition to the AEDdonate team and has taken up the role of Head of Community and Education. James is passionate about community and volunteers his time for other causes alongside working for the charity. He’s certainly caught the bug for helping others through his work and is always striving to make a difference.

His background is 8 years in public sector namely fire service and local authority, working across a variety of roles but specialising in data and performance management, partnerships; and change and project management.

Outside of work James is an avid film fan and loves sports and fitness. As a young chap he loves to socialise with friends and will talk your ear off about his team, Newcastle United, given half a chance

Email: j.russell@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonatejames

Portrait of Anne Marie Oates - Community Liaison Officer

Anne Marie Oates

Community Liaison Officer

Anne Marie, or AMO as we affectionately call her, joined the team after over 10 years working in childcare. AMO is the first point of contact for fundraisers who are raising money to place a defibrillator in their local area.

She also dips her toe into event management and marketing, in fact the busier she is the better! AMO has previous nursing experience so understands how important placement of defibrillators in communities is and is passionate about the fundraising element of her role.

AMO has been married to David for 25 years and is Mum to Shannon, Aidan and Ryan – Aidan is an AEDdonate employee, so it is a real family affair!

Email: am.oates@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonateamo

Portrait of Matt Crompton - Community Education Officer

Matt Crompton

Community Education Officer

Matt is our expert trainer and mainly works out in the community delivering defibrillator awareness sessions to the general public and other organisations.

Matt is a qualified nurse and resus lead and is passionate about raising money for defibrillator placement for the treatment of out of hospital SCA’s through his running campaign “1000 Miles of Matt”. To date he has raised over £7000

Email: m.crompton@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonate

Portrait of David Smith - Chair of Trustees

David Smith

Chair of Trustees

David was delighted to be asked to be a trustee for AEDdonate.

He qualified in business studies and worked for a number of international companies before joining the charity sector in 2002. He is currently the Chief Officer of two international charities. Previously he worked for Re-Solv, a charity dealing with problems caused by solvent abuse.  He is also a lay representative at the Keele University School of Medicine.

Email: info@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonate

Portrait of Shop Team - Stone Store

Shop Team

Stone Store

Our charity shop initially opened in September 2017 on Radford Street but it quickly became too small thanks to the generous donations of the people of Stone, so in September 2018 we opened a new, bigger shop in the High Street. It has gone from strength to strength in such a short space of time thanks to our amazing team of full and part time staff and our wonderful volunteers and customers.

We sell everything from clothing to books, dvd’s to bric a brac and everything else in between!

We are always looking for volunteers so if you feel you could spare some time to help in our shop please call in and speak to a member of Staff.

Email: stone.shop@aeddonate.org.uk

Twitter @aeddonateretail