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34,407 Cardiac arrests treated by ambulance service personnel (2022 data)

80% Of Cardiac Arrests occur within the home

8.5% Public access defibrillator use in all recorded cases

2642 Lives saved in 2022

Welcome We Exist to Save Lives.

Our goal at AEDdonate is to help your community be prepared in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Whatever you need, whether it’s a village, workplace, sports facility, school, or simply your local telephone box, AEDdonate can provide you with a one-stop service to make sure there are no weak links in the chain of survival.

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The Chain of Survival

  1. Early Access
  2. Early CPR
  3. Early Defibrillation
  4. Early Advanced Care

Defibrillator Campaign


You’ve decided you want a defibrillator in your community (great idea by the way!), now AED donate will help you decide the perfect location and help you to work out your fundraising goals.

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Once that is completed, we will provide you with a custom fundraising link that will allow supporters to directly donate to your campaign. Your campaign will receive 100% of the funds donated.

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The team will then send you a welcome pack that includes all the information you need to plan your fundraising and publicity for your project.

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Stone Music Festival 2023

To assist with your fundraising total, we will explore alternative funding options during your fundraising mission.

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Your defibrillator and cabinet will be ordered once you reach your fundraising goal. Once the site has been checked and approved, installation can be arranged.

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We will register your site with the National Defibrillator Network once your defibrillator has been installed and is ready for activation.

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Although defibrillators are amazing, you will need to pop your head in the cabinet and check them regularly. We recommend checking your defibrillator on a weekly basis. You will receive a launch pack that contains all the information you need to maintain your defibrillator.

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Visit our contact us page and send us a message for more information.

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Be a Heart HeroGet a head start for your campaign

Create a fundraising campaign with us and we’ll start your donations off with a £400 contribution towards your defibrillator.

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