Installing defibrillators in communities like yours

Did you know?


Out of Hospital deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrests each year in the UK.


Of Cardiac Arrests occur outside of a hospital environment.


Percent increase in surviving a Sudden Cardiac Arrest with an AED and CPR.


Children die every year of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest at School in the UK.

Help us to make a difference in your community

How we can help?

At AEDdonate we work with you to ensure your community is prepared in the event of a Sudden cardiac arrest. Whether it be a village, work place, sports facility, school or simply your local phone box we provide a one stop service to ensure there are no missing links in the chain of survival.

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

With guidance from your local ambulance service we help you to find the most suitable location to site your defibrillator.

Your Campaign will be added to our website to provide you with your very own fundraising link to allow web users to actively donate to the project. 100% of funds donated are added to your campaign.

The campaign is then sent a fundraising pack to help with any events or publicity of the project.

Behind the scenes we’re actively applying and seeking funding to assist you in your fundraising total.

Once the campaign has reached its target, we will order your defibrillator and cabinet.Installation will be arranged once a site has been identified and approved.Installation will be completed.

We will register your defibrillator with the relevant ambulance service.

A support pack will be sent out.

Our campaigns engage with the local community to raise awareness of the device and achieve funding through events, online donations and general promotion of the risks of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We feel this approach achieves a great community effort and helps to raise vital awareness around the life and death situation posed.

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