Scary CPR Statistics – especially if you are a woman

30th October 2023 - Jamie Richards

While we’re all gearing up for a night of frights and fun, here’s a truly scary fact: Women are 28% less likely to receive life-saving CPR in public compared to men. ????

In a study spanning a decade, covering over 39,000 cardiac arrests, it was revealed that our chances of getting CPR in a public emergency are shockingly gender-biased. While 54% of people in public cardiac arrests got CPR, women were significantly less likely to be helped.

Even more chilling? With every decade we age, women are 3% less likely to receive resuscitation efforts. For men, this number is almost triple at 9%. It’s like a real-life horror story.

This surely unintentional bias comes from a place of not wanting to do the wrong thing, but here at AEDdonate, we teach to apply CPR immediately and to worry about the details later. Saving the patient’s life is far more important than any other concern ????

Let’s end this terrifying statistic. If you would like to receive any free training to feel more comfortable in your CPR and defibrillator knowledge then please visit

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