Rufford Telephone Box AED Campaign

Rufford Telephone Box AED Campaign

Defibrillator for Rufford and its local Community


Like most of you, I have never really given much thought to the possibility of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) or the location of the nearest defibrillator.  These events always seem happen to someone else until they actually happen to you or someone you love.


Having lost a family member through Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), it brings home the fact that there is an urgent need for Defibrillators in Rufford and the surrounding areas.  (Rural Area)


For every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone and deliver a shock, their chances of survival reduce by up to 10%. Only 3% of cardiac arrests happen within the recommended retrieval distance of a defibrillator.


I want to make a difference to someone’s life and my aim is to adopt the phone kiosk on the corner of Highsands Avenue to house a Defibrillator for easy public access 24/7 to assist with the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  This brings it within the prescribed walking distance of 2 minutes from the cricket club and surrounding areas including the farms on the back roads out of Rufford.


I approached AEDdonate for help getting this off the ground and they are supporting me with this campaign.


An external AED package (total price) is normally £1,999 but AEDdonate have kindly agreed to contribute £500 towards my campaign for which I am grateful.


This means the amount that I need to raise to bring this to life is £1,499.00. 


Refurbishment of the phone box


The phone box will be adopted from BT for a nominal fee of £1.00.  Unfortunately the phone box is in need of refurbishment.  I have estimated the cost of replacement parts to be approximately £1,500.00.


The total I need to raise to see this come to life is £2,999.00. I hope you will help me achieve this by donating whatever you can afford to. 100% of your donation goes towards this project.  Please do not forget to complete the Gift Aid declaration.


I am canvassing for volunteers to help with the refurbish the box.  If you are a talented carpenter, painter or glazer willing to volunteer your time and get involved please get in touch.  My email is


Statistics and Facts if you are interested


If you are the kind of person who likes facts and statistics and I have copied some facts and statistics surrounding Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and response times below.


There are a huge number of statistics that show the risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and why defibrillators are so important and should be available in public buildings, leisure centres, workplaces, schools and community areas across the UK, to name a few.


  • 270 children die in the UK every year after suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest at school
  • Based on European data, it is estimated that there is approximately 60,000 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests occur every year in the UK
  • In England alone, the Ambulance Service attempts resuscitation in around 30,000 OHCA cases, annually
  • Approximately 80% of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests occur at Home; 20% will occur in public places
  • Without immediate treatment, 90-95% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims will die
  • If a defibrillator is used and effective CPR is performed within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest, their chance of survival increases from 6% to 74%
  • Only 22% of people in the UK would be confident in performing CPR on a stranger


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Risk Factors


  • There is usually no prior warning signs associated with Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Factors such as the patient’s current health condition, gender, age and ethnicity do not factor when determining the cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Most Sudden Cardiac Arrest cases are due to an abnormality of the heart’s electrical rhythm called Ventricular Fibrillation (VF)
  • Physically strenuous jobs will put people at a higher risk of falling victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Factors such as having a high blood pressure reading, obesity, smoking, high cholesterol levels, congenital heart disease (CHD) and diabetes can make a person more susceptible to Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Additional things such as electrocution, drowning, trauma, choking or respiratory arrest can potentially lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Response Times and Their Importance


  • The emergency services average response time to a cardiac event related incident in an urban area is 11 minutes
  • For every minute that goes by where a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not receive treatment, their chance of survival decreases by 10%
  • If defibrillation through a defibrillator occurs within 1 minute of the victim collapsing, the victim’s survival rate increases to 90%
  • For defibrillation to be successful, it needs to be delivered within a few minutes of the patient’s heart entering into Ventricular Fibrillation (VF), but this period can be extended slightly if a bystander provides effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) without delay or hesitancy
  • The likelihood of causing harm to the patient by performing CPR or using an AED is very small
  • Basic first aid will maintain an oxygen supply to the patient’s brain and other vital organs and make it more likely that the heart can be restarted by a defibrillator
  • The main reason so few people survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest is due to defibrillation not being provided quickly enough after they have collapsed

Rufford Telephone Box AED Campaign

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