Multiplex Global Donates Defibrillators to AEDdonate

18th April 2023 - Rob Stanway

Multiplex Global, a leading global construction company, recently contacted AEDdonate, a UK-based charity that provides Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to communities in need. Multiplex Global had three Heartsine Samaritan pads defibrillators that they wished to donate to a good cause, as they were standardising their defibrillators across their construction projects. AEDdonate was happy to accept the donation and arranged for the collection of the defibrillators.

These donated defibrillators from Multiplex Global have now found a new home in community public access sites where their original AEDs have been pulled in for a national recall. The defibrillators have been located at a school, village hall, and telephone box, providing essential support to these locations and the communities they serve.

Jamie Richards, founder of AEDdonate, expressed gratitude for the donation, stating:
“We would like to thank Multiplex Global for this kind and generous offer. These defibrillators allowed us to donate to a community that simply cannot afford a device. By working together, we can help save lives and keep communities safe.”

AEDdonate is dedicated to improving access to life-saving AEDs for all communities and welcomes any spare defibrillators that individuals or businesses may wish to donate.
Those interested in donating can contact the AEDdonate team via email at

Additionally, those who wish to support the charity’s mission and help keep communities safe can donate by visiting the AEDdonate donation page here.

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