Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy donation after your passing can be a profound gift to a charity like ours, AEDDonate, dedicated to treating sudden cardiac arrest with defibrillators. We’ve partnered with Free Wills to make the process as simple as possible for you, offering the opportunity to create a will absolutely free of charge. More information on how Free Wills provides this service without charge can be found on their website.

As you go through the process of creating your will, you’ll also have the chance to make a donation to AEDDonate. These contributions play a crucial role in our mission to provide defibrillators and life-saving support in instances of sudden cardiac arrest. In a landscape where immediate intervention is vital, your support helps us maintain and expand our services.

With sudden cardiac arrest being a time-sensitive emergency, every defibrillator placed and maintained contributes to increased survival rates. Help us continue this life-saving work by including a donation to AEDDonate in your will. Your legacy can make a lasting impact on our efforts to ensure a defibrillator is readily available when it matters most.

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