Phil, a taxi driver based in Dudley came across an incident whereby a patient was found to be in cardiac arrest. He was able to perform CPR but sadly the patient passed away a short time later. Phil was already aware of defibrillators and the importance of them but after being involved and seeing first-hand just how devastating the outcome of a cardiac arrest can be, he decided it was time to take action.

Phil approached AEDdonate for further information and we were delighted to have been able to offer help after funding was made available in the area.

Jamie Richards, CEO AEDdonate “This is the first time the charity has placed a defibrillator in a taxi, and we think it’s a great initiative. It was great to support Phil and we look forward to working together to encourage other drivers to do the same”

Phil believes taxi drivers are the eyes and ears of the community and is now campaigning to get a defibrillator on board every taxi.

Phil Salt, ACE Taxis “Thank you to AEDdonate for supporting me with my mission to have an AED on board my taxi. I hope I never have to use the machine but it’s great to be able to give something back to my local community, with the miles I cover it just makes sense”

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the nation’s biggest killer and happens due to a disruption in the electrical activity of the heart. The heart is unable to pump blood around the body leaving vital organs lacking in oxygen. Chances of survival can increase from 6% to 74% if a defibrillator and CPR are used within the first 3-5 minutes of collapse.

We’d love to hear from anyone wanting to get on board with this campaign.

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