A defibrillator has been installed outside the House of Bread building in Browning Street, Stafford. It was the 5th defibrillator to join the Staffordshire 1000 campaign, a campaign designed to increase the number of defibrillators available 24/7 in Staffordshire.

Volunteers at the center raised the funds to ensure the equipment is immediately available. The charity provides a meal, advice, and support as well as a safe and welcoming place for all vulnerable people in Stafford.

Will Morris, director at House of Bread said “I would just like to thank AEDdonate for their support as it really enhances the work we provide at the House of Bread. To have access to a defibrillator is fantastic as we are 800yards away from the nearest. To have it on our doorstep with our client base is great. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of getting a defibrillator instassled to do it”

At AEDdonate we work closely with local communities, residents’ associations, businesses, and councils to fundraise, purchase, install and register defibrillators that are public access. The charity works pan-UK and raises awareness, knowledge, and confidence in the safe use of defibrillators and CPR.

In Staffordshire, the average time for emergency services to arrive following a 999 call is 8-12 minutes. In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), every minute counts, the person’s survival rate drops by 7-10% for every minute defibrillation (and CPR) is delayed.

During this time, the person’s survival depends on bystanders who initiate CPR and defibrillation from an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Defibrillation within 3-5 minutes of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 50-70%. This means with more public access defibrillators; we could significantly improve survival rates.

Join us at AEDdonate, to install an additional 1,000 Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) across the County to make sure we are all better protected from the UK’s biggest killer.

Call us on 01785 472 224, visit our website or connect with us on Social Media for more information on how you can help.