We’ve been a bit quiet on here recently but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. A week ago, we opened our second charity shop to help support existing and new defibrillators in the community. The new shop is in Cheshire Street in Market Drayton and is set to offer the same service to the community as our Stone shop.

The shop had previously stood empty for about 3 years and needed quite a bit of TLC before it could be opened but after lots of determination and hard work from the team, we did it and we’re so proud of how it looks. Prior to the shop opening we installed a defibrillator just outside the shop, the machine is registered with the ambulance service and is available 24/7. Anyone needing access to it should call 999 and follow instruction from the call handler.

Our shop was declared open by Reg Gunnell, a very special guest and someone we hold very close to our hearts. On the 23rd March 2019, Reg and his wife Doreen Gunnell popped out for a spot of lunch in Aldridge, Walsall. The day was very normal until Reg took poorly and collapsed having suffered a cardiac arrest. In the same tearoom happened to be husband and wife Leigh (Paramedic) and Joanna (Nurse). Both sprang into action and immediately started performing basic life support. A 999 call was made, and a member of the public was instructed to go and fetch a nearby defibrillator located 100 meters away on the exterior wall of the COOP, Lazy Hill. After receiving CPR and 1 shock from the defibrillator Reg started to show signs of life and within 10 minutes, he was sat up talking unaware of what had just happened. Reg had just died, he had lost consciousness, stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating normally but due to the early access of vital treatment, his life was saved. The community defibrillator used to help Reg was placed by Rachel Dingle, the sister of Alex Brown who very sadly lost his life to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome aged 25. After losing Alex, Rachel started a campaign called CRYALEX to help increase awareness and raise funds to support the placement of community defibrillators with AEDdonate.

Jamie Richards, Chief Executive of AEDdonate said; “We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the shop so far, from customers to volunteers. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. We are a small local charity with a big heart trying to make a difference in our community. Our second store has proven to be successful and will enable us to support the local area with the placement of new Public Access Defibrillators and consumables for current defibs within Shropshire. It will also be great to see the shop being used for other activities during the evening as we hold free training sessions and other community-based activities from the store. It’s a true multifunctional community space and I would advise anyone to attend one of our free training sessions.”

 If you would like to support the shop you can call us on 01785 472224, message the AEDdonate Charity Shop, Market Drayton facebook page or simply pop into the shop and say hi. We look forward to hearing from you.