A brand new defibrillator has been installed on the outside wall of the Gresley Arms, Alsagers Bank. After running the pub for the last 9 years, Carl and his wife Sara have decided to semi-retire and wanted to leave a lasting legacy for the community that has supported them over the years. After decided to fundraise for a defibrillator they kicked the campaign off by donating £1000 to the campaign. Thanks go to Hanley Community Fire Station for their support, all of the customers who generously contributed and donations received from Harp of Gold and Alsagers Bank Cricket Club.

When we asked Carl why he had chosen a defibrillator he said,

My daughter was diagnosed with a heart condition after attending a CRY heart screening session*, she has since had a pacemaker fitted, this is something that is very close to all of our hearts.

The defibrillator was installed on the 4th July and has already been activated twice, the first time being just over 24 hours after installation.

Rachel Richards AEDdonate charity manager said this defibrillator is a fantastic addition to the local area. In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, time is of the essence and seconds really do count. The site was registered with the ambulance service straight after install and was activated twice in the first few days following its installation. We’d love to see every pub with a defibrillator on the outside of it, it’s a great way to bring the community together and helps to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest.

A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time and following the four steps in the chain of survival can help to increase the patient chances of survival.

  • Call 999
  • Commence CPR
  • Early Defibrillation
  • Early Advanced Life Support

Defibrillators are easy to use and come with either verbal or visual step by step instructions. The machines are designed to be used by anyone with or without prior training. Anyone needing a defibrillator should call 999 in the first instance and the call handler will advise where the nearest one is and how to access it. If effective CPR and a defibrillator can be applied within the first 3-5 minutes of collapse the chances of survival for the victim can increase from 6%-74%. Without immediate treatment, 90%-95% of patients will die.

Thank you to everyone, who helped to make this possible, a fantastic community effort!

* More information about CRY

CRY offers subsidised ECG and Echocardiogram screening to all young people between the ages of 14 & 35.

There is a simple way to diagnose most cardiac abnormalities. This is by having an ECG (electrocardiogram) test. Results should be read by a cardiologist. For extra clarity an Echocardiogram can also be done. If there has been a young (under 35) sudden death in the family, the family is entitled to be screened on the NHS.

All of CRY’s public events are free to attend.

At a CRY screening we use a medical history questionnaire and ECG, echocardiograms are carried out on the day also if our Dr requests further investigation is required.]

Photo supplied by The Gresley Arms