A community facility in Dennyloanhead, Scotland now has access to its very own defibrillator thanks to the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The defibrillator is located in the foyer of the facility and anyone needing access should call 999 in the first instance.

30,000 people die each year from out of hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), 620 of these are people under the age of 35 and 270 of these deaths happen to children within schools. If defibrillation takes place within the first three minutes of SCA, the patient’s chances of survival increase by upwards of 80{d30390558f9e4508be1047a3a1acb6b4e0b00fabde10b462fce3f3fe1e727ecc}.

Having the defibrillator installed means that it can be deployed by the local ambulance trust in a bid to give the patient the all-important shock to the heart prior to the ambulance arrival. The defibrillator is by no means a replacement to the ambulance service, it just allows patient treatment to commence immediately.