When a trucker suffered a cardiac arrest at R G Bassett & Sons Ltd site in Tittensor, fellow colleagues rallied round to offer the support that helped to save his life. From calling 999, performing CPR and assisting the emergency services, everyone played a part in the eventual recovery of the gentleman. In the days following the cardiac arrest, community champion Rob Lloyd decided to launch a fundraising campaign and contacted AEDdonate for help in doing this. We provided Rob with a fundraising pack and online donation link and supported him through his campaign to raise enough money to get a defibrillator installed at the haulage company.

Whilst there was a defibrillator located across the other side of the dual carriageway, the incident had made Rob realise just how important an onsite defibrillator was.

“There is another AED (automated external defibrillator) outside the village hall, but this is the other side of a very busy dual carriageway and just over 400 metres away.”

The Resuscitation Council recommend placing defibrillators no further than a two-minute brisk walk from the places that they are likely to be used. If a patient can be shocked within the first 2-3 minutes following a collapse, their chances of survival can increase by as much as 70%.

The funds for this defibrillator were raised through a variety of events including a car boot sale, a history talk and kind donations from the local community. Bassett’s also made a generous donation to help complete the campaign.

Claire Bassett of R G Bassett & Sons Ltd said ;

“We are delighted that something so positive has resulted from such a terrible experience for all concerned, when a visiting driver suffered a cardiac arrest when working on our site. We are extremely proud of the actions taken by all of our staff on the day in question, which undoubtedly saved the driver’s life.

 The fundraising campaign which Rob has driven has been a fantastic community effort, and it is great for both the Company and the community as a whole to have a defibrillator on site here at Bassett’s”

After supplying and installing the site, AEDdonate also provided two free training sessions, both of which were well attended. Our awareness courses are designed to demonstrate just how easy it is to use a defibrillator but also show how to access one in an emergency. The session allows time for any questions and aims to offer reassurance and structure in what can be an extremely stressful time.

Jamie Richards, Chief Executive of AEDdonate said;

“It’s fantastic to see how everyone has worked together to ensure the area is better protected in the event of a cardiac arrest. Well done to everyone involved.”

On 1st May 2019 we launched an ambitious campaign to install 1,000 Community Access Defibrillators across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

AEDdonate works closely with local communities, residents’ associations, businesses and councils to fundraise, purchase, install and register defibrillators that are public access. We work pan-UK and raise awareness, knowledge and confidence in the safe use of defibrillators and CPR.

In Staffordshire the average time for emergency services to arrive following a 999 call is 8-12 minutes. In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), every minute counts and the person’s survival rate drops by 7-10% for every minute defibrillation (and CPR) is delayed.

During this time the person’s survival depends on bystanders who initiate CPR and defibrillation from an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Defibrillation within 3-5 minutes of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 50-70%. This means with more public access defibrillators we could significantly improve survival rates.

Join us at AEDdonate to install an additional 1,000 Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) across the County to make sure we are all better protected from the UK’s biggest killer.

You can do this by following and promoting the campaign on social media, donating to the campaign or getting in touch to fundraise for a Staffordshire1000 defibrillator within your community.

If your business or employer could do anything to support, then we would be happy to provide further information.