Caernarfon Town Football Club is the new home to a defibrillator available 24/7 for the local community thanks to funding received from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The yellow box stands prominently outside the ground and fits in well with the clubs nickname of “the Canaries” because of its yellow and green strip.

Club motto is #unclwb which means one club in Welsh. This means we are one club within our local community looking to bring the best out of the community using Football and now the team has equipped the community with a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment.

The chance of survival after Sudden Cardiac Arrest decreases minute by minute, but if someone is shocked with a defibrillator within 2-3 minutes their chance of survival increases by 70{d30390558f9e4508be1047a3a1acb6b4e0b00fabde10b462fce3f3fe1e727ecc}. A defibrillator is easy to use with each machine giving step by step instructions. The devices are intended to be used in the minutes prior to the arrival of an ambulance. This particular machine is registered with the ambulance service and anyone needing to access it should call 999.