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6th January 2023 - Rachel Richards

The article linked in this post helps to highlight the very sad reality that sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any age at any time, even fit young athletes, as American football star Damar Hamin Collapses.

A sudden cardiac arrest will occur without prior warning and must be treated immediately. During an electrical malfunction in the heart, blood cannot be pumped around the body, resulting in the brain being starved of oxygen.  A chaotic heart rhythm is often called ventricular fibrillation, during which, the victim collapses, loses consciousness, and stops breathing.  If the cardiac rhythm is shockable, a defibrillator can administer a therapeutic shock to the heart through electrodes placed on the victim’s chest.  This helps to clear the heart of the chaotic activity, allowing the natural pacemakers to start their circuit again.

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